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Magali Daniaux et Cédric Pigot, 78°55’N

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The artist duo Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot has been developing profoundly polymorph work for several years. from sculpture to monumental installation, via collage, audio poetry, creating scents or digital pieces, their work knows no boundaries. More and more, the adopted forms are becoming immaterial in order to embrace subjects that relate to anthropological reflexions upon habitat and the commodification of the living.
Projected for the first time on an immersive scale, the piece 78°55’N forms part of a project realised since 2010 around the Global Seed Vault in Norway. The artists identify, explore and deliver the stakes of this “last chance backup” via a field study between documentary and science fiction. This project, titled Devenir Graine was ultimately published at and

78°55’N , the most contemplative part of this project immerses us in the landscape of fjords and glaciers filmed live in Ny Alesund. The title references the geographical location of this northernmost inhabited place where an International Research Station is located. The viewer is invited to contemplate this untouched nature, to confront its temporality to the very slow, nearly imperceptible one of a desert landscape that evolves over hours, the light changing, birds passing.

The collector wishing to open his wall to this landscape will obtain the Internet address to access this live-stream. The artists interrogate the scope of this act: “Could it be an ultra-contemporary way to sell dematerialised realty? Is it the first step towards a “viewshare” in reference to “timeshare”, the real-estate practice that boomed in the 80s? Or a direct access, 24/7 to the spectacle of global warming, the melting of the Arctic ice?”
On the evening of the opening, Hymn to the night, an audio performance will accompany the night fall on this oneiric landscape.