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Cyrille Weiner, le ban des utopies

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    © Cyrille Weiner

At the invitation of the Lectoure photographic centre, photographer Cyrille Weiner has imagined an original system of exhibiting his images in the shape of a publication of journals of which 60 copies were published. This installation works like a mise en abyme of his work method, giving an key role to the notions of nomadism and free circulation of the eye. Visitors are invited to walk away from the centre, and take a rural path to reach the dovecote. Inside, stacks of little journals have been arranged in little cavities. A copy laid open on a lectern unveils a series of images assembled on a strip of paper. It thus symbolises the idea of progression, of going from one place to another. Taken from series carried out in different places, the images have no particular chronological order. Their being put together would rather have something in common with a collector gathering rares pieces to protect them from dispersal and oblivion. On the walls of the dovecote, large printings of his photographs can be read like allegories of the pursuit of an elsewhere. A man looks through a porthole, a young girl leaves a disused building trough a window... The small cavities appear like many little windows open on the outside, like a formal response and fertile impacts between the inside and the outside, between our inwardness and the world.  

For Cyrille Weiner, February 2011